DCS Script Tester

Tester for data exported from DCS World via LUA file


Application for testing whether data is correctly exported from DCS World via the UDP protocol. Additionally, the stream can be saved to a file. The program also allows You to send data to XHSI (works only with the SimFDR application script)


- show exported data from DCS World via UDP protocol
- save stream to file
- send data to XHSI (work with pw-dev script script)
- send command to DCS World
- best compability with XHSI 2.0 beta 10
UDP Tester main window
UDP Tester

Configure to work with XHSI:

- go to: https://github.com/pet333r/pw-dev_script
- download script and install, instructions are on the page
- start XHSI and wait for loading
important: XHSI use data from X-Plane not from DCS, every waypoint, airports, beacons, elevation data are loaded from X-Plane files. So if You want to show this on ND You need to have X-Plane with Navigraph installed and EGPWS files copied somewhere on HDD and path set in XHSI. - edit file: configXHSI.cfg - IP of Your PC with DCS installed
5160 - UDP port from Config.lua - IP of PC with XHSI (leave when You run DCS Script Tester and XHSI on the same machine)
49020 - XHSI > Preferences > System > Incoming UDP Port

Configure DCS2XHSI
Example setup for 2 PC's

- start UDP Tester and select Option: 3 (remember: first run XHSI before send data from DCS Script Tester because app send some config data to XHSI during start Option 3)


Sending data from DCS World to XHSI


Send data from DCS to XHSI Send data from DCS to XHSI Send data from DCS to XHSI Send data from DCS to XHSI Send data from DCS to XHSI
System requirements:
OS: Windows
Architecture: 32 / 64-bit
.NET Framework: 4.6
RAM Usage: -
Size: 10 kb
License: FREE
Version: 1.0.2020.0228
Release date: 2020-02-28

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